Sacramental Assistance

The stewardship opportunities listed here assist those parishioners among us who either cannot
attend mass or who need assistance to participate more fully in the sacraments and celebrations of the parish.

Communion to Homebound and Nursing Homes

Stewardship opportunity: To distribute Holy Communion to IC parish members who are sick, homebound or who reside in nursing homes or other facilities.
Talent/Gift to offer: An attitude of reverence toward the Sacrament and a willingness to assist others to receive its graces, as well as tact and cheerfulness when visiting the sick or elderly.
Time commitment: Distributors deliver communion once a week, as soon as possible after the Sunday liturgy.
Treasure/Blessing received: Satisfaction of actively fostering an appreciation of the graces associated with the Eucharist, of helping others attain those graces through reception of the sacrament, and of letting the sick or elderly know they are an important part of the church community.

Wedding Assistants

Stewardship opportunity: To assist wedding couples and their families with implementing their plans for the rite of marriage resulting in a calm, meaningful, joyful day.
Talent/Gift to offer: Volunteers to this ministry possess patience, organizational skills, a steady, soothing demeanor, problem solving life experiences and a reverence for the sacrament of marriage and Catholic traditions.
Time commitment: Wedding Assistants are present at church before, during and after the Friday rehearsal and the Saturday ceremony. They assure that the church and buildings are prepared and they coordinate the arrangements with wedding participants (wedding party, family, clergy, florist, musicians, photographer, etc….).
Treasure/Blessing received: To assure that couples who begin their married life in our beautiful I.C. church experience a sacred, memorable, happy day!

Nursery During Mass

Stewardship opportunity: To care for infants and young children, allowing their parents to participate more fully in the Sunday liturgy. This ministry is open to teens as well as adult volunteers and their older children.
Talent/Gift to offer: Love and care for children, a sense of the responsibility involved in caring for them.
Time commitment: Volunteers assigned approximately every other month during the 9 a.m. Sunday Mass, coming to the nursery in the Parish Activity Center approximately 20 minutes before Mass to be there for arriving families, and staying after Mass until all children are back with their families. VIRTUS child protection session is recommended.
Treasure/Blessing received: To help these very small children feel the love of the Lord that extends to them even beyond their own family. The chance to play with the little ones and enable parents to more prayerfully participate in the Eucharist.