Religious Education

Learning about the foundations of our faith and passing on that knowledge are the most important things we can do for future generations. Listed here are several opportunities both to learn more about our Church’s teachings and scripture and to assist in helping younger parishioners understand and appreciate that heritage.

Religious Education Commission

Stewardship opportunity: To enhance and strengthen faith formation through religious education programs for both children and adults. The Religious Education Commission (REC) develops and defines policies and acts as a resource for the parish in all areas of faith formation/religious education.
Talent/Gift to offer: An REC member possesses a strong desire to share one’s faith with the IC community. Has skills to share ideas, listen to others, an understanding of educational issues and can work with a team. Has the ability to provide influence and understanding through open dialogue for expanding opportunities of improvement and growth in current and new religious educational programs.
Time commitment: REC meets approximately six times per year during the school year with religious education administrators and parish representatives. Commission members are appointed by the Pastoral Council and are asked to commit 3 years to the commission.
Treasure/Blessing received: Providing leadership for all religious education programs at Immaculate Conception Parish by promoting the implementation of existing and new programs which are essential to the faith formation of all members of the church community.

Religious Education Opportunities

Stewardship opportunity: IC provides a variety of faith formation and religious education opportunities for the parish. These opportunities include but are not limited to: CCD programs for children and teens, preparation for sacraments, adult discussion and faith formation groups.
Talent/Gifts to offer: A desire to learn more about Catholic faith, teachings and traditions. Parents who enroll their children in CCD programs provide support and encouragement for their children’s formation.
Time commitment: CCD programs are offered for children on Wednesday evenings during the school year. Times and days vary for confirmation preparation and other programs.
Treasure/Blessing received: The satisfaction of learning more about your Catholic faith, teaching and traditions. Growing closer to the Lord through increased knowledge and understanding.

Religious Education Teachers, Assistants, Substitutes

Stewardship opportunity: To share your knowledge of Catholic faith, teachings and traditions with children, youth or adults.
Talent/Gifts to offer: Volunteers to the IC religious education program are deeply committed in their Catholic faith, tuned into parish life through the sacraments and have the desire to share that faith through a wide variety of programs and opportunities. Gifts desired include teaching abilities or willingness to support teachers, patience, communication, group leadership, creativity and willingness to learn.
Time commitment: Religious education classes are offered to the children of the parish on Wednesday evenings throughout the school year. Confirmation is offered on Sunday mornings. Adult faith formation and other activities will be scheduled at the decision of those leaders and participants. All volunteers who serve children are required to attend a VIRTUS child protection session.
Treasure/Blessing received: To do the Lord’s important work of passing along his Word to the children and young people of the parish. To share your faith with other adults in the parish and support others in their growth and understanding of the Catholic faith.

Vacation Bible School

Stewardship opportunity: To share faith and fun learning experiences with children in preschool through fifth grade
Talent/Gift to offer: A love of children, a commitment to spreading the faith, patience, discipline, a willingness to learn and have fun. Helpers/volunteers 11 to 99 years of age.
Time commitment: Monday through Thursday, one week a year, usually in June, for 3 to 3½ hours a day. All volunteers must complete a background check and VIRTUS child protection session.
Treasure/Blessing received: To joyfully share the gift of faith with children, encouraging them as they grow closer.

Sunday School Teachers for Preschoolers

Stewardship opportunity: To teach and embody God’s love to children ages 3-5 and kindergarten.
Talent/Gift to offer: A love of children, a creative and caring way of expressing God’s love, patience and a willingness to get a little sticky from time to time.
Time commitment: The preschool Sunday school is held during the 9 a.m. mass from October through mid-April. Teachers plan the lessons and have one to two helpers in the classroom. All volunteers must complete a background check and VIRTUS child protection session.
Treasure/Blessing received: To spread God’s message to some of His littlest people.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

Stewardship opportunity: To share faith and help those who are not yet full members of the Church to continue their faith journey, to learn more about the faith and to continue to discern their place in God’s family.
Talent/Gift to offer: An open heart, a questioning spirit and a familiarity with the Catholic faith.
Time commitment: RCIA begins in August and continues through Tuesday after Easter. RCIA classes are held on Tuesday evenings at the parish, and may include some Sunday liturgies.
Treasure/Blessing received: To sense the richness of the faith, to be woven into the tapestry that is our Church.

Bible Study

Stewardship opportunity: To deepen understanding and appreciation of sacred scripture.
Talent/gift to offer: A desire to discover more about the Word of God and to share those discoveries with others through prayer and discussion.
Time commitment: Scripture study sessions usually last from an hour to an hour and a half, one day a week. Past sessions have been offered during the seasons of Advent and Lent, but other times and dates may be added if the need or occasion arises.
Treasure/Blessing received:  The satisfaction of learning more about the Bible and its place in history as well as its place in our daily lives as a blueprint for Catholic living.

Adult Faith Formation

Stewardship opportunity: To deepen understanding of Catholic faith.
Talent/Gift to offer: An interest in expanding understanding of the Catholic Faith and to allow that understanding to grow through prayer, personal contemplation, and group discussion.
Time commitment: Days and times will vary for each program offered.
Treasure/Blessing received:  An enriched understanding of the truths of our faith that can lead to a more Christian way of living.