To help move IC Parish forward in its mission, we must extend our services and activities beyond the church building and liturgical celebrations. Many opportunities exist through which we can offer our time to reach out to the community and at the same time enhance our own parish social relationships.

Bingo Workers

Stewardship opportunity:  Assist the parish in raising funds through Sunday night bingo.

Talent/Gift to offer:  Open to all adults of the parish who are called to be part of a team.

Time commitment:  Bingo volunteers are assigned to a crew that works once approximately every two months.

Treasure/Blessing received:  Great opportunity to meet new friends and help raise funds for the parish and its school.

Parish Festival

Stewardship opportunity:  To organize and support an annual festival that is used to raise funds for the parish and its school. A great way to unite with our church family and meet new people.

Talent/Gift to offer:  The size and scope of the festival are such that all gifts are welcomed. There are many volunteer opportunities before, during and after the festival, and all hands are needed and welcomed.

Time commitment:  Many parishioners volunteer for shifts in the various festival booths. Others head up committees or help set up or tear down the festival.

Treasure/Blessing received:  To foster and grow the social life of the parish through this lively and successful festival; to raise funds that will help further God’s work.

Sewing Circle

Stewardship opportunity:  To work with others in finishing quilts in an atmosphere of acceptance and fellowship.

Talent/Gift to offer:  Knowledge of sewing is helpful, but new volunteers with no experience will be welcomed and taught to quilt.

Time commitment:  The Sewing Circle meets twice weekly, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during the school year at IC School.  Members attend as their own schedule permits.

Treasure/Blessing received:  To see the work of your hands become a one-of-a-kind completed project. To visit with others in the parish family in an atmosphere of warmth and peace.

Church Tour Guide 

Stewardship opportunity:  To share with others the beauty and history of the Immaculate Conception Church building and furnishings. 

Talent/Gift to offer:  An interest in history, architecture and religious art. An ability to remember facts and relate them to an audience in an engaging way.

Time commitment:  Tours of the church are offered to groups and individuals as needed. The time commitment to this ministry varies depending on requests for tours. 

Treasure/Blessing received:  To personally gain and share with others a respect for the commitment of our ancestors by learning and telling about the church they built. 


Stewardship opportunity: To provide parishioners and others unable to drive with safe transportation to church or other important locations.

Talent/Gift to offer:  Care and concern for others, dependability and safe driving skills.

Time commitment: Some volunteers provide weekly transportation to weekend Mass. Others provide transportation as needed, once every three or four months.

Treasure/Blessing received:  To be a caring presence who helps others participate in the Eucharist, attend medical appointments or provide for transportation needs.

Parish Mailings/Phone Call Helper

Stewardship opportunity: To assist the parish office prepare large communications by stuffing envelopes and/or making phone calls.

Talent/Gift to offer:  Time, basic organizational skills and enjoying the company of others.

Time commitment: Two to three hours during a weekday approximately four or five times a year.

Treasure/Blessing received:  To help the Parish communicate important matters to parishioners on a timely basis and save the parish money.

On Call for the Call

Stewardship opportunity: To provide parishioners the opportunity to respond to Christ’s  invitation to minister to clients of the C.A.L.L. (Community Action Life Line).

Talents/Gift to offer: Compassion for others and a willingness to serve others with an open heart.

Time Commitment: This depends upon the ministry accepted by each individual. One may choose a once per week commitment, but most are a few hours every other month.

Treasure/Blessing received: To be a hands-on part of Christ’s compassion on earth to those in need in our community by being part of an ecumenical outreach to our local community.

On Call for the C.A.L.L. Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide parishioners the opportunity to respond to Christ’s invitation to minister to others, through support of ministries organized and conducted by the Community Action Life Line (C.A.L.L.). The C.A.L.L. is a non-denominational ministry developed to recognize needs of local residents and provide appropriate assistance, especially in the areas of food and clothing. Parishioners have the opportunity to be part of an ecumenical outreach to our local community.

The C.A.L.L.’s ministries that are presently offered by this ministry are:

                C.A.L.L. Café

                Food Pantry

                Clothing Pantry

                Outdoor Garden

                Aquaponic Bay

                Backpack Program

                Work 4 Program

IC’s On Call for the C.A.L.L. has two main goals:

  1. Be a part of the C.A.L.L. Café program by preparing and providing a meal for those eligible for the C.A.L.L. pantry on six Tuesdays throughout the year.
  2. Serve as a communication agent between C.A.L.L. and the IC parish to connect those parishioners who may have the time, talent, and heart to volunteer to help fulfill the C.A.L.L.’s needs. Our ministry will make the needs known to the parish and facilitate with connecting volunteers with the proper personnel at the C.A.L.L. It is understood that the parishioners who volunteer for those programs other than the C.A.L.L. Café will contact the C.A.L.L. personnel for assigned hours. Our ministry will provide contact information and assist as needed. To learn more about these ministries, call the parish office 419-586-6648 or email info@celina-ic.org.