One sign of the vitality of a parish is all the activity of the organizations that assist the parish in its
mission. Listed here are many opportunities to do just that. There are groups for all of us, depending on our interests.

St Vincent de Paul Society

Stewardship opportunity: To reach out to the marginalized of our society – the poor, the hurting, and the lonely – and to bring to them the love of Christ.
Talent/Gifts to offer: Compassion and commitment.
Time commitment: Members meet as needed to plan their activities. Members are also called on to perform the works of charity that are funded by the group, such as delivering flowers to the homebound and to nursing homes, writing cards to the sick, and other gestures of caring and concern.
Treasure/Blessing received: To be a hands-on part of Christ’s compassion, to extend His work on earth to those who need it most.

Altar-Rosary Society

Stewardship opportunity: To provide social and spiritual opportunities for all women of the parish; to maintain the beauty of the Church by keeping the altars and sanctuaries clean and well-equipped; to participate in activities that raise funds for the physical needs of the Church; to help lead the praying of the Rosary at various times; to utilize talents, such as sewing and stitching, to provide sacramentals that enrich the experience of the sacraments for the people of Immaculate Conception Church.
Talent/Gift to offer: Membership includes all women of the parish; a generous spirit to contribute time to the care of the Church interior and its furnishings; a willingness to offer hospitality and support to family and friends of the parish at important moments in their lives.
Time commitment: Monthly meetings on the first Monday following the third Sunday of the month, except summer months; volunteer, as needed, for a variety of social and spiritual activities.
Treasure/Blessing received: Forming bonds of friendship and support with other women of the parish; feeling a sense of fulfillment and wholesome pride by helping maintain the beauty of the Church facility; developing an inner joy when serving others in times of need.

Ladies Auxiliary-Knights of St. John

Stewardship opportunity: To be a part of a traditional Catholic organization that provides spiritual, social, and charitable opportunities for women.
Talent/Gifts to offer: All women of the parish, age 18 and over, who have a desire to support the parish and those in need in our community, are invited to be part of this organization.
Time commitment: The auxiliary meets in the Parish Activity Center on the 4th Monday of each month, September to June. Other meeting times may be scheduled for social opportunities, or business needs. Member may volunteer to perform acts of charity such as playing bingo at the county home or baking pies for K of C Lenten dinners, as needed.
Treasure/Blessing received: To support the needs of the parish, the larger church and the local community. To provide an opportunity for women of the parish to socialize, get to know and support each other in their faith and lives.

Knights of Columbus Council 1800

Stewardship opportunity: To be a part of a Catholic organization that provides spiritual, social, and charitable opportunities for men.
Talent/Gifts to offer: A willingness to work with other members to promote Christian charity in our organization, church, and community. The scope and size of the organization is such that every gift is welcome.
Time commitment: The K of C holds monthly meetings which members are encouraged to attend; in addition, members are asked to participate in many fundraising, social, and parish events each year. The amount of time committed by each member depends upon their level of involvement and interest. Also, new members participate in an initiation rite.
Treasure/Blessing received: To foster Christian charity through various programs, to come to know brother knights and to see in them examples of Christian living, and to promote ideals held important by our Catholic faith.

Pastoral Council

The pastoral council is made up of three men and three women who are elected by the adults of the parish, joined by members of the parish staff, to help direct the work, worship and mission of Immaculate Conception Parish.
Stewardship opportunity: To share responsibility with the pastor for the life and mission of the Church in the parish; to listen for the needs of the parish and to be a representative voice of the parish; to provide leadership for the parish.
Talent/Gift to offer: Leadership and organizational skills, a broad vision of the parish and a real sense of the needs of its people. An ability to look long-term and envision the future.
Time commitment: Pastoral Council meets monthly except in July and December. Members, who are elected by the adult members of the parish during voting on the fourth Sunday of March, serve staggered three-year terms. Members may be asked to take on additional projects.
Treasure/Blessing received: To become more involved, to witness inspirational leadership, to gain a larger perspective on parish functions and resources, to grow in leadership skills and to help guide the parish along the right path.

Liturgy Commission

Stewardship opportunity: To be part of planning liturgies throughout the church year.
Talent/Gift to offer: A faith-filled imagination, a working knowledge of the liturgy and an appreciation for its importance in the life of the parish.
Time commitment: The liturgy committee meets as needed.
Treasure/Blessing received: To praise the Lord with meaningful liturgies, to become closely involved with the Eucharist.

Stewardship Commission

Stewardship opportunity: To instill stewardship as a way of life in the parish.
Talent/Gift offered: Share the joy of ministry by creating awareness of the many avenues of stewardship available to the members of the Parish with a willingness to promote and invite participation in the various Church Ministries.
Time commitment: Monthly meeting.
Treasure/Blessing received: There is a deep joy and satisfaction that comes from touching the lives of people in profound ways.

Sunday Night Men’s Group

Stewardship opportunity: Explore the teachings of the Catholic Church to improve your understanding. Grow your faith through open discussions about experiences and current issues.
Talent/Gift to offer: Willingness to listen and share with fellow men on a wide range of topics from current events to Catholic Doctrine.
Time commitment: A couple of hours each Sunday night, as schedules permit.
Treasure/Blessing received: To have fun, develop new friends and deepen your Catholic faith. To find your connection with other Catholic men within the IC family.

Parish Life Commission

Mardi Gras, Parish Coffee, Fat Tuesday, Christmas Bazaar, Newcomer Visitation, Casseroles & Kindness, and other special receptions.
Stewardship opportunity: To enrich the lives of the people of Immaculate Conception through activities and programs that strengthen the community spirit of the members of the parish.
Talent/Gifts to Offer: Individuals willing to help plan and carry out the social aspects of the parish through the social events held.
Time commitment: A willingness to donate time in event preparation, participation and food donations. Individuals generally contribute two hours per event which may fluctuate.
Treasure/Blessing received: To develop new and enrich existing relationships among parishioners and to create a family feeling among Immaculate Conception parishioners that extends beyond the Sunday liturgy. The opportunity to be an integral part of the life of the church.

Mission Commission

Stewardship opportunity: To provide parishioners with mission experiences in the local community and abroad.
Talent/Gifts to offer: A missionary heart and generous spirit that can see beyond our own parish borders to the broader needs of those in our local community, in our country and in our world.
Time commitment: Monthly meetings, 3 to 4 mission fundraisers and events per year.
Treasure/Blessing received: Being in mutual relationship with our brothers and sisters, offering talents and resources (treasure) as well as being enriched by the gifts and resources of another culture. A rewarding experience that you are being Christ to special people in need.

Photo by Jean Giesige