Liturgy/ Worship

Liturgy and Worship is the focal point of our Catholic Faith, where we come together as Catholics to celebrate the fundamental beliefs of our Faith. These religious experiences are enriched by the ministries listed below that are available to lay members of the parish; they provide many opportunities for the sharing of our time and talent and for giving back the gifts God has given us.


Stewardship opportunity:  To introduce the liturgy, offer petitions, and make special announcements to the assembled community during Mass.

Talent/Gift to offer:  A clear speaking voice, and the ability to convey information in a natural manner.

Time commitment:  Commentators undergo a brief training session prior to starting the ministry.  After training, they read prepared notes at liturgies approximately once every ten weeks. To properly prepare for scheduled liturgies, the commentators should arrive at church at least 20 minutes prior to the liturgy to familiarize themselves with what they need to read.

Treasure/Blessing received:  An opportunity to actively participate in the liturgy by introducing the theme of the Mass, by giving the congregation voice through the petitions, and by informing the parish of news and announcements.

Confirmed High School students may also serve as commentator.


Stewardship opportunity:  To proclaim the Word of God to the assembled community, to read in such a way that they truly hear the Word that is to change their lives.

Talent/Gift to offer:  A clear speaking voice with the ability to understand the main points of the readings for each liturgy and to express them clearly to the congregation.

Time commitment:  Lectors undergo a brief training session prior to starting the ministry.  After training, they read the first Scripture readings for each mass once approximately every six weeks.  Lectors will receive a workbook of all the readings throughout the year to help them prepare for the ministry. Also, the lectors should arrive at church at least 20 minutes prior to the liturgy to familiarize themselves with the lectionary’s version of the readings.

Treasure/Blessing received:  Satisfaction of taking part in the liturgy by proclaiming God’s message to His people and by helping the people to understand and pray the Word.

Confirmed High School students may also serve as lector.

Eucharistic Minister

Stewardship opportunity:  To assist the celebrant at Sunday and/or daily Mass in the distribution of Communion and the Cup.

Talent/Gift to offer:  An attitude of reverence toward the Sacrament and a willingness to help the people of God share in full communion.

Time commitment:  Eucharistic Ministers undergo a brief training session prior to starting the ministry. After training, they serve approximately once a month at a scheduled liturgy.  At each liturgy, one or two ministers also purify the communion vessels in the priests’ sacristy after Mass.

Treasure/Blessing received:  An opportunity to participate in offering the true presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ as well as fostering a reverence for the graces received in the Eucharist.

Confirmed High School students may also serve as Eucharistic minister.

Altar Server  (Youth & Adult)

Stewardship opportunity:  To serve God and His people at the holy sacrifice of the Mass by helping the priest and the worshippers to praise God. Youth are trained for their duties as altar servers beginning in the fifth grade.

Talent/Gift to offer:  Dependability, reverence and an appreciation for the solemnity of the liturgy.

Time commitment:  Youth are scheduled to serve at weekend Masses and IC school Masses. Adult servers volunteer their time at funeral Masses and weekday Masses on a rotating basis; both men and women are welcome to this ministry.

Treasure/Blessing received:  To grow closer to the Lord through the liturgy. “Serving at the Eucharistic table and at various liturgical celebrations, you draw directly from ‘the wells of salvation’ the strength necessary to live well today and then also face your future more energetically.” (St. John Paul II to servers, 1980)

Gift Bearer

Stewardship opportunity:  To represent the faith community sharing gifts and talents by presenting gifts of bread, wine and treasure at the Sunday Eucharist, holy days and special liturgies.

Talent/Gift to offer:  Willingness to express faith in action.

Time commitment:  On a rotating basis, three or four times a year.

Treasure/Blessing received:  Active participation in the Eucharist that can include the whole family.


Stewardship opportunity:  To help worshippers gather in such a way as to show respect for the Christian assembly. Ushers provide assistance as needed to those with disabilities and to the elderly, take up the weekly offering, and hand out the bulletin to people as they depart.

Talent/Gift to offer:  An ability to welcome people, put people at ease, to work with others, and reliability.

Time commitment:  A parish training session. Ushers serve approximately once every three months. They serve three weeks in a row, rotating between the three weekend masses. They should arrive 15 minutes before the liturgy begins.

Treasure/Blessing received:  To represent the Lord in making His people feel welcome and at home in the church.

Confirmed High School students may also serve as usher.


Stewardship opportunity:  To set up for weekend and holy day Masses by preparing books and vessels, and to help solicit liturgical ministers if assigned ministers are absent.

Talent/Gift to offer:  A reverence and love for the Eucharist, a desire to help prepare for celebrating liturgy well, and organizational skills.

Time commitment:  Sacristans undergo a brief training session prior to starting the ministry.  After training, sacristans serve at weekend Masses on a rotating basis one or two times a month. To properly fulfill duties, the sacristans should arrive at church at least 30 minutes prior to the liturgy.

Treasure/Blessing received:  Giving the priest an opportunity to prepare spiritually before Mass and assuring that everything is prepared and ready for the faith community to celebrate liturgy well.

Photo by Jean Giesige