Immaculate Conception Youth

These are the Components of our Youth Ministry

Interpreting the need of young people, standing up for young people, both as individuals and as a youth community.

Deepening the faith of young people through teaching and reflection—working towards transformation.

Community Life
Building community, not just between young people, but with their families and engaging youth in the broader parish community.

Proclaiming the Good News and inviting youth into relationship with Jesus Christ through ongoing witness.

Justice and Service
Engaging young people in helping and serving other people, and understanding the Gospel call to justice through education and reflection.

Leadership Development
Inviting, training, and supporting adults and young people into leadership for youth ministry and with the broader parish community.

Pastoral Care
Providing prevention programs for youth and families, caring for those in crisis, and providing guidance during times of decisions and moral choices.

Prayer and Worship
Helping youth to develop an individual prayer life, experience a variety of communal prayers, and involving youth in the sacramental life of the Church.


The Catholic Youth Organization is most importantly a ministry.

CYO is a way for our youth to use their God given talents to play sports, while at the same time carrying out the ministry of Jesus Christ.

CYO sports is one component of our parish’s youth ministry. It enables the partnership of parents, coaches, priests, and adult leaders to manage and support a sports program that allows youth to grow in their relationship with God and come to better understand themselves and the Catholic faith.
CYO employs healthy and enjoyable competition to promote the sharing of gospel values among athletes, parents, and coaches. It encourages young people to appreciate the gifts that they possess and challenges them to share these gifts with their community.

(Opportunity for volunteers) Needed: coaches, referees, and adult leaders to teach values of faith and character development.