IC School

For over 135 years, IC Parish has offered a values-based education to the children of the parish. This mission requires much support from parents, dedicated volunteers, and the parish as a whole. Listed here are several ways we can become even more active in the future and growth of IC School.


Stewardship opportunity: To build relationships between the faculty and staff at Immaculate Conception School and school families; to raise funds to help with school projects; to sponsor events that enrich the school atmosphere.
Talent/Gift to offer: All gifts and talents are welcomed and appreciated.
Time commitment: Membership is open to all Immaculate Conception School families. The PTO meets quarterly on Monday evenings and needs many volunteers at fundraising events throughout the school year.
Treasure/Blessing received: To develop relationships between clergy, school faculty, and parents to help further the mission of the school to provide a Catholic education to our youth.

School Marketing & Enrollment Committee

Stewardship opportunity: Work to promote IC School and what it can offer to those in the community. The committee works toward maintaining and increasing current school enrollment.
Talent/Gift to offer: A strong commitment and love for IC School. The gift of time is the most valuable. Marketing and graphic art experience is always welcome.
Time commitment: 2 hours per month for meetings. Additional time to assist with various events throughout the year to help promote the school.
Treasure/Blessing received: The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to maintain a long term tradition of Catholic Education. Meeting new people and friendships that are made. Getting new families to enroll in the school and knowing you helped this happen.

School Fundraising Committee

Stewardship opportunity: To help to raise funds for the school.
Talent/Gift to offer: A strong commitment and love for IC School. An accounting background is helpful. Parishioners with creative ideas and a willingness to help raise funds for the school are always needed.
Time commitment: Attendance at meetings, volunteering to coordinate, and help at various fund raising events.
Treasure/Blessing received: Knowing you helped the school to be on “strong financial footing”. Knowing you enabled more students to receive a quality Catholic education.

School Cafeteria Volunteer

Stewardship opportunity: To assist in serving lunch to the elementary students at Immaculate Conception. Volunteers will provide a model for stewardship to the students. The volunteers will also have the opportunity to share their faith by action: helping others.
Talent/Gift to offer: A love for children and an interest in making sure all students eat a healthy meal.
Time commitment: 1 hour each time you volunteer. All volunteers who serve children are required to attend a VIRTUS child protection session.
Treasure/Blessing received: The smiles and thank-you’s from the students will be a wonderful blessing. The opportunity to meet other parishioners. The feeling of making sure that Immaculate Conception School stays alive and successful.

School Volunteer

Stewardship opportunity: To help the faculty and staff of Immaculate Conception School in various capacities. Current volunteer opportunities include: assisting individual students, helping in the library, reading various words of wisdom on the announcements, helping in computer class, organizing and implementing a special interest lunch club, collecting and organizing boxtops and Capri sun pouches, and coaching various teams.
Talent/Gift to offer: An interest and love for children is the primary gift required. An educational background or being a parent are helpful. Special talents or skills to share with special interest groups for older students are welcomed. The knowledge of a sport to help coach a team.
Time commitment: The time is determined by the area chosen by the volunteer and the volunteer’s schedule. All volunteers who serve children are required to attend a VIRTUS child protection session.
Treasure/Blessing received:  Watching the children progress and learn new skills. The smiles and hugs are given often. Knowing that you are helping to provide a faith based education to children. Introducing new areas of interest to students and see students acquire new skills and talents.