We parishioners of IC are rightfully proud of our beautiful church and the parish grounds as a whole. But to maintain and decorate it takes planning and time. Listed here are several ways that we can assist in keeping it beautiful, both decorating for special occasions in church and maintaining the parish campus.

Sacristy Cleaning

Stewardship opportunity: To enhance the worship experience at IC by keeping the sacristy and sacrimentals used for worship at their best.
Talent/Gifts to offer: A reverence for the sacred space of the sacristy and ability to perform the cleaning tasks.
Time commitment: Each two-person team works 1-2 hrs. every 6-7 weeks.
Treasure/Blessing received: To feel the presence of the Lord in the quiet church as the chores are carried out and to enhance the appearance of the church.

Church Decorating

Stewardship opportunity: To decorate the church appropriately, following the liturgical calendar. The group works together to make the church beautiful during the special seasons of the year.
Talent/Gift to offer: There are tasks and jobs for all ages, a great opportunity for a family to share their talents. Parishioners able to use simple tools or with floral experience are always helpful.
Time commitment: 4 to 5 hours per year
Treasure/Blessing received: The wonderful feeling of sitting in the church and knowing that you helped to make the place of worship extra special. Meeting other parishioners.

Parish Landscaping

Stewardship opportunity: To care for the grounds surrounding the church and parish buildings, to maintain the landscape in such a way that it provides a welcoming environment for the people of the parish and the larger community, and serves as a palette of God’s natural beauty.
Talent/Gift to offer: Love of working outdoors. Some knowledge of horticulture/landscaping is helpful, but not necessary — there are chores for all skill levels.
Time commitment: Volunteers are asked to meet as a group for six scheduled dates during the growing months, two hours each session, as their own schedules permit, to help groom the grounds. They are asked to bring their own tools, gloves, etc.
Treasure/Blessing received: The chance to work outdoors, among God’s creation and with His people, to beautify the area around the church and parish buildings. Often families volunteer together for this ministry, since it is open to volunteers of all ages.

Maintenance Committee

Stewardship opportunity: To ensure that parish buildings and grounds are in good working order; to enhance the worship and social experiences of the people of Immaculate Conception with safe and well-maintained buildings and grounds.
Talent/Gift to offer: Knowledge of and hands-on experience with building/construction trades, including plumbing and electricity; a sense of how the church space can be put to use by its people.
Time commitment: Members meet as needed (usually 2 to 3 times a year) to deal with maintenance issues facing the parish, its buildings and grounds.
Treasure/Blessing received: The pride and sense of reward that comes from well-maintained facilities that are utilized; the knowledge that the parish buildings and grounds are safe and sound.

Cemetery Board

Stewardship opportunity: To maintain and plan for the future of the final resting place of Immaculate Conception parishioners.
Talent/Gift to offer: The ability to plan for the future, a commitment to care for the cemetery.
Time commitment: Periodic landscaping needs and board representation.
Treasure/Blessing received: The rewarding sense of taking care of a sacred trust, the knowledge that the church cemetery is receiving good care from faithful stewards.