Parishioners and priests alike lead happier, healthier, and holier lives when they consciously lead a life-affirming routine of work, recreation, socializing, healthy eating, regular sleep, and set times for prayer. Having inconsistency in any of these areas leads to imbalance and a lessening of actualizing our potential.  We believe that consistency in the daily morning Mass schedule will assist parishioners and priests in their attempt at leading a balanced life. Thus, daily morning Masses at Immaculate Conception will move from 7:30am to 8:00am beginning on July 3rd. After consulting with those who attend those Masses, most were in favor of the change. A few mentioned that it will not accommodate their work schedule, and for that we are truly sorry. Please know that Holy Trinity in Coldwater offers a 7:15am daily Mass, and we hope that will fit the needs of those who cannot attend 8:00am at Immaculate Conception. Please note that during the school year, Mass at Holy Rosary begins at 8:15 on Tuesdays and Mass at Immaculate Conception begins at 9:00am on Fridays to accommodate the school day.  Thanks for your consideration and your support.

Fr. John     Fr. Rob     Fr. Prashanth