We will gather at our cemeteries, St Marys Catholic Cemetery, (Immaculate Conception), Gethsemane Cemetery (Holy Rosary), St. Thomas Cemetery (St. Patrick) and Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery. on November 2nd , at 4 PM to Commemorate All the Faithful Departed. We will have a service of prayer and remembrance for the faithful departed of our Parishes. Through prayer, intercessions, alms and visits to cemeteries, people commemorate the poor souls in purgatory and gain them indulgences. It is because of the Communion of Saints and the graciousness of God, our Father, that some of the temporal punishment for sin is removed. This indulgence for a visit to a cemetery encourages us to spend even the briefest of moments in prayer for the dead in a location that reminds us that we, too, will someday need the prayers of the other members of the Communion of Saints—both those still living and those who have entered into eternal glory. All are invited to attend.