Each year, IC Church designates three sources as funds for outreach to our local area.  These include the Thanksgiving and Holy Thursday collections and the return funds from CMA which are ½ over goal.  In late June, the following donations were made in the name of all IC parishioners:

  • OUR HOME Family Resources $2,565.00
  • CALL Food Pantry $1,250.00
  • Choosing Life Pregnancy Center $1,850.00
  • The Maria Stein Shrine $675.00
  • Mercer County House of Hope $2,565.00
  • Serving Families and Friends Ministries $1,275.00
  • St. Vincent de Paul $834.00

*IC is holding over $2,500 in designated funds from prior Thanksgiving and Holy Thursday donations for CALL Café dinners by IC volunteers once that ministry is able to restart.


We are grateful for all those serving the common good and the many IC parishioners assisting them by generously donating funds for outreach to those most in need.