I.C. parishioners are the Hands and Feet of God by serving the people of God in worship. Servers are an important part of the liturgy by helping Father with what he needs, when he needs it. Younger servers admit that they signed up because “Mom made me,” but they often come to appreciate the ministry. “It has benefited me with a greater appreciation of what goes on behind-the-scenes at Mass and the ability to really get closer to God not just physically, but spiritually.” Adult servers help out at early-morning Masses and funerals. For them as for the youth, it’s another way to serve the Church they love. “It gives you a different perspective of what’s going on at the altar, plus how the people in the pews are receiving what’s going on,” said one adult server. “It gives you a completely different perspective on the Mass—and it’s touching at times.” Boys and girls, men and women—if you would like to become a server, you would be welcomed into this vital ministry!