I.C. parishioners are the Hands and Feet of God by proclaiming the Word of God. Proclaiming the Word of God during the Mass is a great privilege, and lectors feel it and appreciate it. They study the readings ahead of time and practice any difficult words. The goal is to read clearly and distinctly, so every person in the church receives the Word of God—but often this ministry goes beyond the technical requirements of reading and the lector is caught up in the majesty and power of the words on the page, the words that rule our lives. Commentators too bring important messages of welcome, prayer, and community news. One commentator remarked that during the Prayers of the Faithful, she reads the name of the deceased, “for whom this Mass is offered,” with extra respect and solemnity. “It’s good for family members to hear the name of their loved one read out one more time in the assembly,” she said. It’s a very fulfilling ministry and we always welcome more lectors and commentators!